What's SISTA.J?

Hello, everybody in the world who enjoys snowboarding.
We Sista.J develop women’s snowboarding wear in Japan.
It has been seventeen years since Sista.J started selling the wear.
Sista.J comes from country of the youth fashion, Japan, and there are a lot of very unique fashion cultures in Japan.
We went to many countries, but the country where youth fashion culture advances this much is only in Japan.

Especially japanese girls fashion has a lot of types of styles, for example GALstyle, ONEISANstyle, KIREIstyle, GIRLISHstyle, KIREKAJIstyle, CONSERVATIVEstyle, GOTHLLOLIstyle, CELECAJIstyle, FEMININEstyle, ANIMEstyle, ROCKstyle, PRINCESSGALstyle, MORIGIRL style, and many more.
It is very interesting to just to see the change of the fashion every year according to the style.
In Japan, everybody enjoy a fashion in the clothes which they each like, so it is very pleasant unique country for fashion.
Sista.J created its own unique style by absorbing these cultures, so for that reason Sista.J’s selling point is absolute “cuteness”.

The company, stores, and individual, who are interested in Sista.J please contact us.
We are producing the web site that everyone can purchase Sista.J from various countries right now.
Our dream is to fancy up all the girls who enjoy snowboarding!!